About the Firm

Mr. Geller founded the Law Office of Jay S. Geller when he relocated to Maine in 2000 after spending 15 years at Jenner & Block (Chicago), one of the country’s preeminent law firms.

Since 2000, Mr. Geller has continued to work nationally on large corporate Chapter 11 cases, related litigation, and complex commercial litigation. He affiliates with large or boutique law firms in the jursidictions in which his matters are pending and elsewhere to staff his cases appropriately. But in every case, he continues to provide top-flight legal service to his clients. He has counseled clients on complex restructuring matters, litigated against some of the nation’s premier litigation and bankruptcy firms, and represented debtors, individual creditors, creditors committees, liquidating trustees, and other interested parties in Chapter 11 cases throughout the country.

From this unique platform, Mr. Geller is positioned to achieve maximum personal involvement in his clients’ legal matters in a highly economical manner.

How We’re Different

What you get with the Law Office of Jay S. Geller is the personal attention of a corporate Chapter 11 and bankruptcy litigation expert with 35 years of experience. What you don’t get is large overhead expenses that need to be funded, young associates who need to be trained, and scores of attorneys who need to be deployed.

Mr. Geller either handles his cases personally or enlists support on a strictly as-needed and as-warranted basis. In large cases where a team of attorneys is needed, or in cases where work should be “down-streamed” to less expensive attorneys, Mr. Geller affiliates with a top-tier firm in the jurisdiction where the matter is pending or elsewhere as appropriate. This enables the Law Office of Jay S. Geller to be “lean and mean,” or to go toe-to-toe with the largest and most prestigious firms in the country. In either instance, Mr. Geller provides the leadership and oversight that his clients have come to expect and value.

Areas of Expertise